Just for Today!

Updated: Jan 7

Just for today, feeling anxiety with no clear direction,

Questioning how to move past these imperfections,

I remember my favorite little devotional book.

Recovered from the bookshelf I decided to take a look!

God's Little Devotional Book opened to a random page,

Just the page I need for Monday and this strange age!

Discovering this page today was certainly no accident,

Understanding "why" this particular inspiration became clearly evident.

Taking time to stop and get my priorities straight,

Informed my direction and opened the gate!

"The greatest possession you have is the 24 hours directly in front of you."

God's Little Devotional Book - 4th Edition - ©1995

So for today remember..."The old excuse, "I have too little time," doesn't fly.

What is more likely the case is this: too little planing of the time we have."

Dr. C. C. Albertson

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