"Change is the Only Constant in Life!"

Updated: Mar 10

Heraclitus, a philosopher, who lived from 535-475 BC recognized and addressed this fact with the above quote. We all deal with change on a daily basis; that which is thrust upon us as well as that "change" we may wish to make within ourselves. Although difficult at times, change which is forced upon me and out of my control has to be dealt with, and is therefore easier to do. The desire to change something within myself becomes a completely different issue, whether I want to eat better, read more, exercise, become more spiritual, get rid of "stuff" I don't need, do more art, watch less t.v., or listen to more music. This is where my challenge begins, because the approach to personal change of any kind puts me in the position of dealing with myself, the act of doing rather than thinking or wishing; puts me in total control...ouch! Do not ever kid yourself that change is easy. Once I acknowledge the desire, then my friend, my battle begins. I have discovered that no matter how much I want to change something the battle with myself is a fierce one! The work involved in personal change for me is akin to the work of preparation to run a marathon. No matter how much I want to succeed, if I don't do the work, the results I wish to see, will remain nothing more than a thought, or wish, or unfulfilled desire.

P.S. ~ Depending on the type of the change we may desire, we may begin many times to attempt to create this change. What is IMPORTANT to remember is that each time we begin, we have with us what we have already learned so we are NOT starting at the beginning, we are picking up where we left off!

So for today remember . . . "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." --Winston Churchill

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